Higher education should be a marketplace of ideas, free from threats to free expression

Your livelihood and future career should never be threatened because you speak your mind. FIRE is a faculty rights organization that can help you defend your rights on campus because higher education should be a marketplace of ideas, free from threats to free expression.

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Coastal Carolina University Professor Steven Earnest
"Without the help and leadership of FIRE, I am certain that I would have been forced out of my career of over 25 years." — Coastal Carolina University Professor Steven Earnest

Faculty Need Not Be Afraid to Speak

The Faculty Legal Defense Fund offers “first responder” assistance to protect the expressive and academic freedom rights of faculty at public colleges and universities.

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Communicating the principles and values of our fundamental rights is critical for the future of our country.

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Learn Your Rights!


Knowing your civil liberties is the first step towards taking action for the causes you care about. When you Learn with FIRE, you’ll take courses on a wide range of topics, including free speech and due process, designed by our expert staff. These courses are for anyone who wants to know how to leverage their rights for change within their communities.


Defending Your Rights

FIRE defends the rights of students and faculty through several core services.

How Does Your School Compare?

Find out how well your school’s policies protect the free speech rights of students and faculty.

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Advocate for policies on campus promoting academic freedom and free expression

FIRE provides helpful resources for college faculty members seeking to reform policy on their campus.

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FIRE Faculty Webinars


Learn more about the FIRE Faculty Network and hear from our staff of First Amendment experts by watching our faculty webinar series.

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FIRE launches Free Inquiry Grant Program

FIRE’s Free Inquiry Grant program will support research that advances our understanding of free speech and academic freedom with a maximum grant size of $50,000.

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